T’s Getting Her Groove Back

We all know how you can fall off the wagon and lose your way through life.  Unfortunately, this is somewhat of an epidemic for most these days.  Well I have chosen to enter into the “Happy Black Woman’s 31 Day Reset” program to see if I personally can find my way back from wondering. 

I must admit that I once thought I had my life planned out from a five to ten year plan.  Unforeseen circumstances have thrown me from most of what I had planned, and I now find myself in a different place.  I truly believe that things happen for a reason, and sometimes for the better.  At the time that these things happen we do not immediately embrace the change, but fight it.  I have learned recently to embrace all change, as it could possibly be for the better and as we have all been told God knows best.  So follow me along this journey and let us all see where we might end up.  I say what the heck.  This is my birthday month and there is no better month to partake in something that can promote a better me. 

If you would like to join in please go to www.happyblackwoman.com and signup.  What do you have to lose but time. 

Good luck creating a better you!